Reviews and Testimonials from Signtronix Customers

Signtronix has a rich history of building signs for over 50 years. In that time we have been privileged to have met and built signs for over half a million small business owners across the United States. Signtronix was created because our founder had the entrepreneurial spirit and desire to build a company that would grow and flourish not just over years... but decades. We feel lucky to be making a product that helps the many hard working Americans who run their own businesses each and every day.

Please read through these letters from actual Signtronix customers we've helped over the years. This is only a small sampling of letters that have been sent to us. The thousands of letters we've received would be overwhelming to read!

Signtronix signs have helped business owners increase their profits and revenues from 10% to well over 100%. They've given others the needed exposure they so desperately need in order to have customers come in their door. It's amazing to see how many of our customers have made comments like, "Once we put up the sign we started to have more people come in our door. Several asked when we moved into town and opened our doors. When I told them we've been here for 15 years they couldn't believe it!" or "One nice lady stopped by and said she was so happy I opened for business. When I told her "I've been here for 5 years now!", she refused to believe me. She told me she drove by my location every day and never saw me until the sign was up."

Thank you to all Signtronix customers and please continue to send those letters and let us know how our signs are doing for your business.

If you wish to send in a customer testimonial of your own, please send it to You can send us the testimonial in a Word or PDF file, or write it directly into your e-mail. We appreciate any and all feedback about your experience with our company and your sign.
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Champions Certified Car Care
6403 FM 1960 W
Houston, TX

To Whom It May Concern:

We are extremely happy with our sing and message centers, they are a god send. In just 2 months business has gone up 50%. For the 1st time in the companies history there was absolutely no Christmas slow down.

The electronic message center is such a powerful tool, it does such a great job of telling people what we do. Don was great, he was courteous, polite, and professional throughout the whole process. I couldn't be more satisfied with your company or its product.


Cynthia Reyes
Champions Certified Car Care
Houston, TX

Dear Signtronix

I would like to let you know how much your sign has meant to our business. It was very important to me that we have a very attractive sign, knowing that our outside sign is what makes the first impression on potential customer. The sign that you designed and manufactured is without a doubt top notch quality. I especially appreciate the way that your company stands behind its product. That alone says to me that you know your product is second to none. Again, if anyone would like to have a reference for your sign production quality, you are most welcome to use my name.

Todd Chapman
Chapman Advanced Satellite Systems
Tyler, TX

To Signtronix

I have had my sign for 7 months and I have already seen an increase of 10% in business. Just having this sign is an asset to Checo's. People comment on it all of the time, customers are truly impressed.

Thank you,
Sandra Salazar
Checo's Restaurant
McAllen, TX

CICO Auto Sales
18328 Summerfield Dr
Dallas, TX 75287

To Whom It May Concern:

We have had our sign up for about a month and wanted to let you know how excited we are to have it!

Being a small independent car dealership, we rely heavily on our location and street visibility to generate traffic. Our previous sign was not lighted and only one-sided; therefore, only the traffic heading east on our street could see our sign.

Since we installed the new sign, we have doubled our visibility and increased our “walk-in/drive-by” traffic. Our staff loves it too! It has made giving directions to our store so much easier.

Thank you for your help with our new sign!

Kathrine Tolsch
CICO Auto Sales
Dallas, TX

Dear Signtronix

Thank you very much for the opportunity to own a beautiful sign. My wife and I had always wanted one for our business but felt we couldn't afford one. I was hesitant about getting a sign from you, however, my wife convinced me we needed it. The sign arrived on time and we installed it the next day. Soon as we put up the sign the first thing we noticed was how bright it was all day and night. And the next thing we noticed was the significant increase in new customers we had from the street. Based on our daily totals over the past couple of years; we noticed that with the sign out front we were now making an extra $200 per day or $60 of pure profit per day. We figured that at $60 per day of profit the sign will make us approx. $21,000 of profit in the first year. In our opinion it has been the best advertising we have done. I can recommend one of these signs to all business owners.

Adnan Ismail
Circle A Food Stores
San Antonio, TX

Dear Signtronix

Some time ago, Citizens National Bank, Wills Point, TX purchased two signs with double messages boards for two of our locations. The installation, appearance, and operational efficiency of these signs has been very satisfactory. In addition, I want to thank you for your personal service. It has been superior, Rhenea and I would certainly put you at the top of our list for any future needs.

Jerry Branum
Citizens National Bank
Wills Point, TX

Dear Signtronix

My sign has been up for 5 years and it has increased my business 30%. The sign has been of very much help in bringing in new customers. I see no reason why it shouldn't remain an asset for years to come, it is truly awesome.

Mario Salinas
City Limits Automotive
Edinburg, TX
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